How to tell if you need a VPN

How to tell if you need a VPN

Chances are, you’ve already heard about VPN or virtual private network. Your colleague may have been bragging on how he or she uses the VPN to circumvent the Great Firewall of China during a business trip.

But when you have no idea what VPN is all about, you’ll be left wondering if it’s worthwhile to subscribe to one. Question about the safety of VPN may linger. And more importantly, if you need a VPN after all.

VPN At A Glance

VPN is a network technology that changes the way your devices connect to the internet. Without one, you will be logged on the internet with the original IP address of the mobile phone or computer. This means that the ISP will log every single online activity that you perform.

A VPN provides an infrastructure that changes your IP address and introduces a level of encryption on the data exchange. In short, you’ll be getting anonymity and security when you’re using a VPN.

5 Reasons Why You Need A VPN

It may seem like the VPN is a perfect tool for shady characters in carrying out unlawful activities, thanks to the stealth and online protection it offered. But the reality is, almost all of the VPN users are not using it to break laws.

1. You’re Always Connecting To Public WiFi

When you’re a programmer, graphic designers or a startup founder, getting into the office seems unnecessary. All you need is a high-speed internet connection and a cup of espresso to kick start the day.

Frequenting your neighborhood cafe seems to be the right choice, as you’ll get both. But what you may not be aware off is the risk of connecting to public WiFi. Such connections offer little to no protection, leaving you at the mercy of hackers snooping into the data exchange.

An additional but strong layer of encryption provided by the VPN is helpful when you’re working on sensitive information in public.

2. You’re Travelling To Other Countries

You’ll be surprised how restrictive some countries are on censoring the internet. If you find yourself heading to China or Russia, you’ll want to subscribe and activate the VPN before you’re even on the flight.

Skip that, and you’ll be up for a rude surprise where you’ll have no access to common services and tools you’re accustomed to. Imagine that you can’t reply to your client on Gmail and you can’t connect to friends on Facebook. Yes, that’s a nightmare for most of us travelers.

But VPN does more than skipping internet censorship.

Even if you’re not in countries with restrictive internet access, you may still find yourself missing out matches from your local sports team. Live matches are often blocked when you’re accessing from a different geographical location.

Connecting to a VPN allows you to change your IP address as if you’ve never left your home. This means no more missing out important derby matches.

3. You Need To Access Work Or Study Information Remotely

The VPN is a brilliant technology, and it has been applied by companies and education institution to protect information on their servers.

The only way to gain access to the files is to subscribe to the same VPN used by the company. That gives you the freedom to work or study at your choice location, without compromising on network security.

4. You Don’t Want To Miss Out On Deals And Promotions

This may sound surprising but using a VPN can potentially save you thousands of dollars in discounts and deals.

The fact is, some merchandisers offer a discounted price to shoppers within a specific geographical location. But one of the best bargain users could get from installing VPN is the potentially huge savings from flight tickets.

In some cases, changing your IP address to those of the destination country could save your ticket fee by almost half.  

5. You’re Obsessed With Having Online Privacy

If you’re clueless about online privacy, or rather the lack off, here’s the bad news. Each session of browsing that you do online is likely to be monitored by vendors and advertisers. If you’re one, who’s bothered by virtual algorithm tracking your every single move, getting a VPN is a wise choice.

At the very least, it may stop the same advertisement from popping up at every single website you visit. That’s how powerful Google Adsense is in tracking your online behavior.

Bottom Line

If you’re still hesitating if you need to subscribe to a VPN account, chances are, you probably could benefit from doing so. The anonymity and security provided by VPN are handy in today’s internet where privacy has been reduced to a myth.

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