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VPNMundo’s Privacy Policy

VPNMundo would choose to voluntarily shut down some or all of its network and relocate to another jurisdiction or close completely before allowing a violation of our users privacy to occur. We will publicly announce requests for information regarding our users and the VPNMundo network.

VPNMundo will always strive to keep you informed via its announcements, network status updates about the status of its network including non-DMCA abuse complaints, how it responds to non-DMCA abuse complaints and requests from government agencies. VPNMundo will carefully evaluate each complaint and the included evidence. If action on our part is required to mitigate the damage the actions to be taken will be included in one or several of our public announcement channels.

The temporary actions taken to mitigate the damage being done from or to our network is limited to closing ports, creating null routes, adding layer 7 filters, connection/rate limiting, and application filtering. At our discretion we may take permanent actions, which are, closing accounts, banning IP addresses and shutting down nodes.

We will follow the ethical principles contained within this page as well as comply with the rule of law set forth by the jurisdiction from which we operate from.

VPNMundo hereby claims the statements outlined in this privacy policy to be a contracting obligation to remain transparent and keep its users informed be it directly or via announcement channels of all actions, investigations, and interventions affecting the privacy of its users.


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