Hide my IP

Hide my IP

What is an IP?

To put it simply, you can look at your IP address as your passport in the digital world, it’s an vital part that allows you to actually be a part of the internet – exchange and send data to other devices connected to the internet. As there is a limited number of addresses available, IP address is provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Passport holds valuable personal information and most likely you wouldn’t go around showing it to every stranger on the street so they can write it down or to the person on the other side of the counter when you’re buying groceries. Same applies to your IP address. Nowadays, more and more people are looking to hide their IP address and that’s why we’re here to help.

Why should I hide it?

There are a plethora of valid reasons to hide your IP address, but we’ve found that these are some of the most popular ones:

  • Unblocking restricted content. Some content published on the internet contradicts the internets idea of freedom and is available only to users of specific geographical locations thus creating virtual borders. To get around this, VPN services offer the possibility to mask your IP and select one that’s located in, let’s say, USA – this would grant you access to the US version of Netflix and other similar platforms.
  • Privacy and security. Some might claim that those who’re hiding something are doing it out of malicious intent. In the vast majority of cases that simply is not true and quite often it’s the opposite, people are hiding from those people who’re looking to use your IP for their own benefit – with the most subtle example being targeted ads, to something more dangerous and malicious in its nature. Hiding your IP makes it much harder for anyone to track your location – and that’s only one of the ways a VPN can help you to maintain privacy and security.
  • Preventing leaving passive digital footprints. In short, a digital footprint is the collection of data you leave behind when doing anything on the internet. Active digital footprints are when you knowingly release any personal information to websites, ecommerce stores, social media networks, etc. Hiding your IP mainly helps with the passive digital footprint, making data collection close to impossible, of course, granted, that your VPN provider is trustworthy and doesn’t keep activity logs.

How can I hide it?

While there are several ways to hide your IP, the best way is by using a VPN service – it’s faster, more reliable and to an extent flexible. It provides more security, privacy, and anonymity than the currently viable alternatives and is considerably faster as well.

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