School website unblock

School website unblock

Why do schools restrict access to certain websites?

There are several reasons why schools impose restrictions when it comes to browsing the internet, streaming tv shows, torrenting and so on. The two main reasons are – if everyone would use public wi-fi to download and stream, then the bandwidth would choke up rather fast and of course, so the students don’t have unnecessary distractions from their school work. Sometimes it tends to backfire and has the opposite effect.

Some sites that are commonly blocked are Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, most of the popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Popcorntime, HBO. Torrenting is almost always restricted.

While Facebook block might be beneficial to the students, not being able to download PDF versions of their textbooks via torrents, do proper research or look up necessary information can actually impact the education of the pupils

How to bypass the imposed restrictions?

The best way to gain access to restricted sites is by using a VPN service. It hides your current location and makes it appear as you’re accessing the web from somewhere else by encrypting your traffic and routes everything through a server you’ve chosen.

So in short, the 3 main benefits of using a VPN on your school campus are:

  1. Unblock streaming and social network sites. A lot of schools have blocked streaming and social network sites such as Netflix and Facebook, because they take up a lot of the bandwidth and can be a distraction to the students
  2. Use torrents for downloading. A lot of schools see p2p sharing as dangerous, limit it and warn about the potentially harsh legal repercussions for copyright infringement, especially in the US. VPN hides what you’re doing on the internet, torrenting isn’t an exclusion.
  3. Security. Even as most school’s Wi-fi’s are password-protected, they are widely distributed and therefore offer close to no protection. This puts you at risk as hackers with malicious intents could gain access to your laptop. Having the peace of mind knowing that you are safe as VPN encrypts the data is a great benefit.

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