Youtube VPN

Youtube VPN

Why would you need VPN to unblock YouTube?

There are several possible scenarios in which you might consider using VPN to access YouTube, some examples would be:

  • Your school has blocked access to YouTube
  • Your work has blocked access to Youtube
  • You want to access geo-blocked content, such as, Vevo if you’re living outside the US
  • Your ISP is throttling bandwidth and speed for YouTube
  • YouTube is blocked completely in your country

Why you should choose VPN over other solutions?

While there are several free solutions out there, most of them have major flaws in one way or another. For example, proxy is similar to VPN, but less reliable and secure – when you connect to a proxy, your traffic is filtered through its server to appear as you are in a different location, but the pitfall here is – it doesn’t encrypt your data as VPNs do. In short, it means that network administrators, your ISP, and any government censorship institutions will be able to see what sites you visit.


If you’re having issues accessing YouTube’s content due to firewalls or geo-blocking, VPNMundo is the best way to solve this issue. Besides the obvious benefit of being able to access the content, a Virtual Private Network will ensure your privacy and security on the internet, so that your ISP, Government or network administrators won’t be able to track and see what you’re doing.

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